Turtle Bay

*GOOD NEWS* - A phone is on its way for me!! I’ll be back with pictures and travelling with comfort again! S/O to my awesome momma for helping make it happen. Even 3,000 miles away she still is right here helping me while i learn to “adult”.

I want to share a few pictures I got from some friends that Cecilia & I met while swimming with the turtles last weekend.

YES IT’S REAL!!! Isn’t it crazy? She’s straight chillin there for a nap. All the rest of the turtles we saw were in the water swimming around. There were so many, when we swam I kept bumping into them. It’s such a fun experience, but scary at first because you don’t realize how real & massive the turtles actually are.

Sad I wont be able to recover my videos with the turtles, but very glad we made friends with a camera this day. Looking into getting a GoPro soon!! No more Lifeproof cases! I am going hiking & adventuring this weekend, *fingers crossed*, will have some pics to go along with stories.

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