Android Apps are driving Business across a Variety of Industries: Find out

With the number of mobile users worldwide expected to hit 3 billion by 2020, businesses are turning to using Android apps in an attempt to engage modern day customers. Customers think more positively about companies that are mobile friendly and are more likely to do business with them. Smartphone business apps aren’t just about marketing and branding — they also help businesses improve productivity and revenue generation.

Here are some top industries that have benefited greatly because of Android apps:

  1. Real estate
  • Engage faster with customers through notifications and messages
  • Preference tracking enables buyers to find properties at preferred location
  • Notify users when a property they might like is on sale
  • Virtual tours of properties is possible through AR and VR

2. Healthcare

  • Easy access to a patient’s medical history
  • Sell medicines with in-app purchases
  • Provide services and consultations remotely
  • Build long lasting relationships with patients

3. Restaurants

  • Find new customers for the business
  • Inform users about new items on the menu
  • Discounts and promotions rewarding existing customers
  • Personalized services like online ordering and fast bill payments

4. Travel and Tourism

  • Help travelers develop an itinerary automatically
  • Provide best deals to help them make savings
  • Create travel packages for sale inside the app
  • Hotel and cab booking services can help them save a lot of time and money

5. Education

  • Provide world class education to students
  • Keep track of individual scores
  • Grade faster and more accurately
  • Virtual classrooms promote a fun and entertaining learning atmosphere

6. Banking and Finance

  • Remote services like phone banking lets customers handle their money online,
  • Budget management services allow customers to keep track of their spending
  • Build loyalty by providing a host of personalized services
  • Grow money for your clients and institution by promoting money management

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