Leading Educational Apps in the Android Platform

With the growing prominence of android applications, countless apps oriented towards education have begun to spring up. While some of them offer basic learning skills, others provide access to larger and deeper courses in advanced subjects. Here are some of the dominant educational android apps available today:


This app offers a vast array of educational courses in a variety of subjects. Of the 32000 courses offered, the diverse range includes subjects such as technology, design, business and marketing all the way down to lighter subjects such as cooking, fitness and music.


This application is meant to aid in language learning. The creators of this immensely successful application have used greatly creative methods to boost the efficiency of the process, includes games among other things. Altogether, the app enables users to tap into its features to learn nearly one hundred languages.


This is another leading app with plenty of courses to choose from. For this application, a stand-out feature is the depth of knowledge that its courses offer. Some of them are charged at a decent price, but are worth the money for the educational value that they provide.


This app offers courses on a variety of subjects such as business, computer science, data science, foreign language, art and many more. The array of 1000 or so courses offered are further aided with tutorials, video lectures and other interesting aspects for enhanced productivity.


This app stands out from the rest, in that it offers courses from real colleges. Although users don’t receive a certified college degree by taking on these courses, they benefit from the wealth of knowledge that the platform offers. You can choose between scores of courses ranging from engineering, history, computer programming, nutrition, statistics, psychology and many more.

Google Play Books

This application allows access to a vast platform of content. This ranges from e-books and e-comics to educational material such as textbooks, guide-books and much more.

Khan Academy

This app boasts a massive expanse of educational content from videos, classes etc. The app is more centered on primary education with subjects such as science, history, economics etc. on the offer.

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