Leveraging talents and passions to make money as a writer

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This may seem obvious to many, but for me, finding a niche felt like a misty cloud of confusion when I first started to write for money.

My initial mistake was thinking that a niche was something that no one else was writing about. This is false. A niche is just a specific area of writing that you have expertise in. In fact, there’s probably not a topic on the planet that you could write about that literally no one else has ever written about.

The truth is, there’s a huge need for good writing. Some of the informational material about becoming a freelancer makes it seem like it’s an impossible, daunting task to find people to pay you to write. But actually, if you have knowledge in a certain area and can string together a solid sentence, you will be able to find work. …


Kaylee Moser

Kaylee is a freelance writer from the Bay Area, now living in the Sierra Foothills of California. You can find out more at kayleemoser.com.

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