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Hi Tim Brixius,

Each member of our student team (right now, five students) has access to log into all unhstudent accounts on their own devices. We have a biweekly rotating schedule that dictates who is running which account on a particular week. We take turns running Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. When we do a Takeover Tuesday on Snapchat, we also allow the student doing the takeover to log in on their own device by giving them a temporary password. At the end of their takeover, a member of the student team logs on and changes the password back, booting the takeover student off the account.

Glad to hear you’ve started using Snapchat! It’s very popular among students, and an excellent tool for event coverage, especially. On the unhstudents Snapchat, our day-to-day content only gets posted to our Story, not messaged to followers. The only time that we directly message followers in Snapchat is to respond to a snap they sent us. For example, if a student snaps us a video from the football game, we might snap back a blank screen or campus shot with “Go Wildcats!” If a message is sent to us that we’d like to share, we will screen shot, and then respond to ask permission to share.

In terms of the content that gets posted to the Story on the two accounts, the unhstudents account focuses more on the student’s perspective. We’ll post pictures and videos as we go about our days around campus, from inside the dining hall, and at student-focused events. The uofnh account is more general; they’ll post content related to students, as well as alumni, admissions, and other departments. Both are official UNH accounts. On the unhstudents Story, we’ll get as many as 900 views each day!

Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

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