Now, I’m Multi-Tasking

So, it’s been two weeks since my last post, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve been struggling with moving forward with the novel I’m working on, so I’ve decided to take some time off (no more than 10 days!) and work on other things: short pieces, brainstorming, binge watching movies, and reading.

Yeah, there’s a lot of distraction there, but I think it’s working for me. Distancing myself from the work, even though it’s early on in the creation of the whole thing, allows me to think more about the entire picture. I’ve found, now that it’s not always right in front of me, that I’ll zone in on a particular scene I plan on writing and think about it in more detail. I don’t quite know why I can’t seem to do this while I’m actively writing it, but I’m glad to have found a way for it to come about! Otherwise, I fear I would have written really poor scenes and ended up doing a lot of editing later on.

I’ve experienced other frustrations in writing continually, too. I get lost in a poor section of the text and focus on that. I see it as a representation of the work I’ll produce in the end. Now that I’ve distanced myself, I know it’s a silly way to think and I feel like I’ll go back to this project refreshed and ready to knock out some of the scenes I’m really excited for!

Also, I’m thinking less about writing the book chronologically and more about writing key scenes as I move forward, then connecting them. I’ll be writing notes between the scenes of things I plan on doing, then, once I’ve distanced myself from the ideas a bit, will just go back later to fill them in. Of course, I’ll likely push through some of those scenes when I get swept away in the moment, sitting in the corner of my favorite coffee shop, and this might end up not working at all for me, but that’s the excitement of writing. I can’t quite plan out what will happen.

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