The Bewitching Hour

Dear Diary,

My new favorite movie is Kiki’s Delivery Service. I have decided I want to become a witch so that I can fly to school and to Chelsea’s house when she invites me over. I think it would be much faster, and much more fun that having mom drive me there. Mom always gets a little annoyed anyway. I think she thinks that I like Chelsea better than her.

I’ve been practicing flying in the back yard. When dad is in the garage, I get the broom he keeps behind the door to use for practice, until I get my real witch's broom. What I do is run down the hill with the broom between my legs and then jump up into the air. I think it’s working! Usually I just land right after I jump, but today I stayed up longer! Maybe I can even start my own delivery service once I get good enough at flying.

My sister started baking a lot and was talking about selling them at the school bake sale. I think she can sell all of the time!

I’m trying to learn as much about witches and flying as I can. Yesterday, I watched Hocus Pocus, but I don’t like the way that they fly. The one witch even used a vacuum as her broom! I would never do that! But they’re so good at flying that they don’t even have to run. They just get on their brooms and lift up into the air. Kiki does too, but she was born to fly. I’m just trying to learn myself.

Dad laughs at me though. I can hear him in the garage when I’m practicing. He takes breaks from working on his car and Mom yells a lot to him to keep an eye on me. I think that’s good though because he can see me fly when it finally happens.

I think it’ll happen next week. I’m turning 9 next week, and every night I’ve been praying really hard to be able to fly on my birthday. The whole family is coming over and I really want them all to see me! I’ll let you know what happens on my birthday!

Dear Diary,

It didn’t work. I tried really hard, but I didn’t fly.

Here’s what happened. I had been talking nonstop about this for the past week. All my mom heard about was how I wanted my own broom so that I could prove to everyone that I could fly. She told Uncle Tom, I think, because he got me one with a matching cape. The cape was pink and the broom handle was pink with gold stripes. I think he painted it himself.

But we were outside opening presents and when I got to his I knew what it was. He didn’t try to hide it at all. So I ripped off the wrapping paper and I was really excited. And then I ran right up to the top of the hill to show everyone. I thought I knew I could do it because I did the day before. I was in the air for longer than I ever was! So I yelled down to everyone and told mom to video tape the whole thing. And I ran down the hill and kicked off as hard as I could, harder than ever. But I fell and scraped my knee on the ground.

No one laughed at me. They all ran over to help me and dad left the grill to get the first aid kit. All the burgers burned.

So I’m giving up on being a witch. Dad got me a dog for my birthday, so I think I can probably be a vet instead.

© Copyright 2015 Kayleigh DeMace

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