5 Superfluous Rooms We Want In Our Home

Photo: Julia Brenner

Buying a place may be years off, and with square-footage at a premium it’s unlikely we’ll have the high-ceiling Victorian town house we’ve been dreaming of. Oh but all the things we’d do if space wasn’t an option…

1. A Sun Room

Image via domino.com

We want ours light, airy and preferably filled with plants; all the while we’ll spend our days drinking herbal teas, reading novels and napping on plumped up cushions. And snuggling with cats, lots of cats.

2. A Morning Room

Image via Jessica Klewicki Glynn

Ever since we visited Highclere Castle (AKA the ‘real’ Downton Abbey), the Estate’s Morning Room had us wondering which flatmate we could evict just so we had a room to receive our mail in. Except ours would have this ultra-cool Palm Beach twist, obviously.

3. A Dressing Room

Image via stylemepretty.com

Complete with live-in stylist. Although we can’t seriously call this room superfluous, it’s an extravagant upgrade from our Ikea wardrobes. We’d like ours with wooden floors, a large rug and an Oliver Bonas style velvet ottoman.

4. A Craft Room

A space in which to display our macaroni shells, sequin pots and sewing machine = major #lifegoals. We feel such a room would increase our creativity ten-fold and allow us to craft all sorts of papier mache objects without having to justify said creations to bemused co-habiters.

5. An At Home Cinema

Image via Pinterest

Although at-home cinemas feel a bit MTV Cribs circa 2006, we’d really appreciate somewhere special to relax given the amount of hours we invest in Netflix. Far from a flashy room fitted with 24 individual Lazy Boys, we’re all for this garden cinema. Think rugs, throws, massive pillows and a huge outdoor screen to watch all our favourite movies on.