Kettle Style Tomato and Sweet Basil Bisque

As my roommate, Brittany, pours the piping hot liquid from the pot into the bowl I can see its creamy red surface peppered with green flakes of basil. The cheese bagels from Safeway that are famous in our apartment pop out of the toaster and are immediately buttered. We don’t even bother sitting at the kitchen table, instead we opt for the couch and dig in. The soup scalds out tongues. The chunks of tomato that usually float to the bottom of the soup end up being the perfect topping for the cheese bagel. This soup warmed our souls and our bellies.

Brittany was the one who found this soup at the grocery store. She told me about its magical ways. I never liked tomato soup before and I usually would only eat soup if I was sick, but this has changed my perspective. I don’t know why I decided I would try it, but once I did I could never go back. It’s the type of soup you can eat when it’s not freezing cold outside. This soup is so good I would even eat it on a summer day. It’s easy and you can even make it in the microwave. What could be better? The answer is nothing. Nothing is better than this soup. You might think, “I don’t even know what basil tastes like.” I can tell you I had no idea what it tastes like, but in this dish it tastes like heaven.

This dish is perfect for sharing or keeping all to yourself if you are really hungry. Sharing this soup with my roommate on a weekly basis is always a memorable experience. And yes, I did say weekly basis. Now if only I can perfect the art of making a grilled cheese I will be set. This is one of the meals that anyone can make, even a kid in grade school, but he probably shouldn’t use the stove without a parent. He could microwave it I guess, but the edges of the can around the plastic are sharp. It’s a pop-top can in a plastic container. This usually causes the soup to splash onto whatever clothing you are wearing when you open it, so make sure it’s not a white shirt.

It tastes like it was cooked in a kettle all day and like the tomatoes and basil were freshly picked this morning. You can salt and pepper it to perfection and dip crackers or really anything you want in it. Eating this soup is like lying on the couch with a warm, cozy blanket on a rainy day. It’s like a hug from a family member you haven’t seen in a while. It’s the purest form of comfort that you can share with the people you love.

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