How many voices does a man have? 
The angry voice, that appears in the darkness buried in his soul, the space he doesn't talk about. 
the sad voice that only reminds him of the things he has done, 
Because a man is only saddened by his past.
The narcissistic voice that clubs his heart, 
Raging and rasping the box of beats inventing stories in his head that makes him feel big. 
The humble voice when he talks to his son, showing him the way lines along the sky that move with stars and then pointed to his mother’s eyes.
The many voices of a man. 
The youngest voice of regret and life lessons. 
A maturer voice that seeks the older one. 
A man will be at peace when he only has one voice.
A peaceful voice.
The voice that doesn’t whisper nor scream, yet knows when to be seen. 
This will be his voice.

Picture: Pink Floyds art work from the album The Wall.

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