Kids and Their Social Media

Years ago wondering if you should become friends with your kids on social media was not even a thought in most parents minds. Social media did not even exist, which makes this decision even harder to make. We are the trial and error group in the generation. There are many parents who are split on the decision, should we or should we not become friends with our kids online? There was one article I read that didn’t quite lean towards one or another however, it did have a general opinion on being friends and the benefits and downfalls. The argument stems from parents who may be more protective and want to see all that is going on online. Whereas other parents have no interest in what is being posted online. Now this may because they just simply do not care, or they have enough trust in their kids that they don’t feel the need for it. Having trust in your kids usually comes in the later ages, so one could argue that the younger kids should have more supervision. It does take a lot of trust in order to know your kids are posting only appropriate things online, which is why the parents who do want to follow their kids online seem more protective. Parents who do follow their kids just look at it as a safety to their kids. If you can watch what they are doing online without watching over their shoulder while they are online it makes it more comfortable for the both of you.It all depends on the family and how much trust and communication you have with your kids. Another side to see is the parents who do not have social media. If they were to get it just simply to monitor their kids, there is no guarantee that they would even understand the concept enough to keep their kids from posting things they should be posting. There are so many privacy settings now that kids can get around to prevent their parents form seeing what they do not want them to see. Ultimately being friends with your kids online can help with safety and that should be the very first thought of the parents, not to just simply be nosy. Being friends with your kids can help keep their future in tact and prevent them from posting things that may hurt them in the long run. This can happen at any age, kids do not always realize that what they post will forever be online. Even if you do not follow your kids on social medias or any social technologies it should be made a point to be aware of what you are posting.

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