Diane Coffee/ The Growlers

October of my senior year in high school was normal at best, but I had been looong awaiting my night of concerts. I had two concerts on the same night, at different venues. But I was filled with spunk and ready to take on the night!

The first of the two was Diane Coffee. My fave. Wow. I had been thinking about it all week and I couldn’t contain my excitement, constantly posting on social media about the upcoming event. I feel bad for how many times I have tweeted at the band’s account…oops.

For those who don’t know, Diane Coffee is the main project of musician Shaun Fleming (mentioned in my foxy post) and 4 dudes known as the Good Dogs. I love this band a lot.

The day had finally come, I had an outfit ready, and I was talking about it non-stop at school. My lovely parents drove my friend Jamie and I into the city to the Trocadero.Being the nervous nelly that I am, we arrived around an hour before the doors opened, so my parents kindly drove us around Chinatown while I tried to keep my cool. That didn’t really work…I got too excited and kinda sorta had one of those baby barfs in my mouth. TO NO AVAIL, I was ready to get my coffee brewing. (Was that a weird thing to say? It felt weird but I’m gonna keep it.) We got in line, quickly realizing that we were the youngest ones there. Diane Coffee was opening for a band named Luna, so the majority of the audience was there to see them. As we stood in line, DC casually strolled out of the doors and headed down the street. This was a real movie moment for me. Just imagine your favorite band EVER a few feet in front of you. Now I am able to stay somewhat cool, so I didn’t shout or anything, but boy was I yelling on the inside!!

Trying to stay calm

We went inside the venue and I ran to the bathroom to fix my hair, quickly stopping to take a picture of the cute pink stalls. I went back to find my friend Jamie, but I ended up running into my Diane Coffee friend Beth which was so very exciting! We all took our spots in the front row, and I was READY.

The Good Dogs took their place on stage and I was in awe of how cool they all were. Bassist Glenn was dressed in a powder blue suit. Amazing.

HERE WE GO! The lights changed color and Shaun came out looking rather dapper in a nice suit, and soon the album I had been listening to for weeks had come to life. Not only were the songs amazing, but the performance was outstanding. Shaun moving across stage and interacting was the audience is something that any fan would ask for. Singing to people in the audience who may or may not be a fan, and eventually an outfit change into a unique maroon jumpsuit. The energy they are able to bring is unbelievable. I cannot express how great this band is. I have tried sooo many times but they are just SO GOOD, especially live.

I tried my best to sing my heart out along to Never Lonely and I Dig You, but half the time I just wanted to watch and soak it all in. Letting every worry go, I jumped and danced and could feel blisters forming on my feet (don’t wear new boots to a concert.) I was so happy!

Sadly, their set was up and it was time for me to get my butt moving to next concert. But first, I had to swing by the merch table! Jamie and I casually strolled over and realized that the drummer, Ben, was the one running the table. I bought a shirt and tried explain how great of a time I had had, but was mainly focusing on not seeming too hyper. But I was thrilled to be near this drummer, he does such a good job and makes it look so easy. Jamie and I were about to head out the door when the rest of the band came to the table. Glenn, Drake, Caleb, and Shaun. THIS WAS BIG! I made my way back to the table following Beth, and I got to meet the nicest band. They all signed my shirt and took photos and chatted and it was great. Aw such good memories. Little did I know I would be seeing them 3 more times…haha.


Still incredibly excited by what had just happened, Jamie and I threw ourselves into my dads car and headed a few streets over to the next venue, Union Transfer. We quickly made our way in just in time to see the end of the opener’s set.

Let me tell you somethin’: if you ever want to be overwhelmed by all sorts of attractive people, get yourself over to a Growlers concert. I was so nervous because every boy there was cute but once the band came out I was just like WHO CARES ABOUT THESE TEENS!!!!

Brooks, the lead singer, greeted Philly with a warm smile and proceeded to play some hits and some hidden gems from older albums. Everyone in the crowd swayed back and forth to the beat and there was a sense of community amongst these fans. The Growlers are just so so good that it would’ve been impossible to not have a good time. However, I kept thinking back to the Diane Coffee concert, oops. Crowd surfers galore, I was loving the vibe that this concert was producing. Everyone was happy, and having a good time. Don’t you love when concerts are chill and not filled with sloppy people who are screaming to their friends about how much they like that one song?

It happened to be a school night and being the ~elder~ of our friendship, I didn’t want to keep Jamie out too late, so once the Growlers were winding down, we headed out before the encore.

WHAT A NIGHT! Two of my top bands within ours of each other. So incredibly amazing. I am so lucky to have been able to do that. Yay.

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