I am going to start writing about my concert experiences to work on my writing skills…and to relive the amazing moments. Ignore my weirdness, and grammar mistakes, but please enjoy if you care enough to read this!

Surprisingly, I can remember the majority of the details from this concert, one that would impact my music taste from then on. No, I don’t forget details from concerts because I was impaired or anything, but I do tend to get WAY too excited and somewhat blackout I guess?? Who knows, man. It was 2 years ago. All I know is that I enjoyed the hell out of myself.

Okay so picture me; 16 at the time, with unreasonably long hair and a recently-purchased-one-size-too-small-shirt on, walking down the streets of Philadelphia with an even younger, even more naive friend beside me. My lovely friend, Ibby, not a Foxygen fan herself, deserves endless thank-you’s for attending this concert with me…especially because of how it ended up playing out. The two of us joined the medium sized line, seeing the “cool boys” from school smoking on the corner, and we realized quickly that this concert might not be like the other concerts we had attended before. I like to think of this as the first ever REAL concert I had gone to, with ~different~ music, excluding all of the Jonas Brothers concerts I had seen in the past. (But don’t think I don’t still love the Jonas Brothers…)

Soon we were able to enter the venue, having to announce that we were in fact under 21, and we made our way into what would soon be the room that would host some of my fondest memories. Quickly meeting up with some new friends (soon to be best friend though! Thanks for giving me my best friend Foxy!) we scoped out where we would stand: as close to the stage as we could get, and a little to the right. In the midst of chatting and people watching, the lights went dim and the opening act, Dub Thompson, appeared on stage. IMMEDIATELY, I was into the band because their keyboardist had long hair, but once they started playing I began to bop around and have a great time. Not really sure what the lead singer was saying, I still enjoyed the feel of the bass in my chest as I was right next to the speaker, and I just remember feeling as if I had finally found my place. The excitement must have given me some sort of confidence boost, because next thing you know I am jokingly (okay like half jokingly) winking and doing finger guns to the long haired keyboardist as the band is packing up. WELL, he saw me and gave a somewhat uncomfortable wave back. WOW. Why did I do that?

Long haired dreamboat

I didn’t have too much time to overthink that situation, because suddenly the lights on stage turned to a shade of blue. First up on stage was their drummer, Shaun. I thought Shaun was the COOLEST, and I subsequently lost my cool. Next up were the dancers and backup singers, probably the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Each dressed a little differently than the other, they began to move and sway to beat as Jonathon Rado and Sam France took the stage. Both being the main members of the band, the audience erupted with sound and the whole place was shaking within moments. I WAS IN MY ELEMENT! I began to dance and sing and not care about anything other than the spectacle that was in front of me.

~The~ Sam France

As if this wasn’t already a spectacular night for me, Sam France sat on the speaker that was directly in front of me. Oh my GOODNESS. A bunch of hand reached towards him, including mine, and all of the sudden I realized that my hand was just touched by my current rock GOD. I know now that this seems a little over dramatic, but it made my concert experience ten times better. I was in my glory as he sang to my section, but drunken men began to mosh, and I was forced out of my spot, dropping my phone along the way.

Now, this is probably the most typical thing that could ever happen to me. In the middle of a mosh pit I have to get on my knees to find my phone in, in the dark. Thankfully it was only a few feet away, but the moshing was getting so intense and my friends and I were getting hit in the head, so we chose being comfortable over trying to not get pushed in the front row. I could’ve stood anywhere in that building and I would have still gotten the same rush of happiness as I had in the front row. In between singing along to On Blue Mountain and trying to capture photos of Sam as he and the leader of Dub Thompson made out for the hell of it, I was able to understand that this is my type of music now, and that I needed it to be a bigger part of my life.


After the lights went out and the stage was struck, I headed out to the lobby and made a beeline for the merch table. And just GUESS who was running it. The long haired keyboardist. I didn’t necessarily want to buy a CD, (who still buys those?), but I needed an excuse to go interact with the band. In my head I was Penny Lane, but my shaky exterior didn’t quite hold up to that comparison. Nevertheless, I went over and asked for a CD, ultimately needing change back from the register. This is where I almost fainted: my boy with the long hair turned to the other guy working the table and said “Can we get some change for this divine girl?” This isn’t really a big deal now, but to 16 year old Kayl, it was a HUGE deal. Embarrassed that my hands were sweating as he gave me my change, my friends and I headed outside to wait for our rides.

We were standing on the sidewalk ever so casually, when the lead singer of Dub Thompson approached and asked if we had a lighter, unfortunately we didn’t, but he still answered a few questions we had about the album! So fun! Thinking the night was finally done besides waiting for my mom to pick me up, I turned my head and there was Shaun, the drummer. The 4 of us quickly realized that if we didn’t say how great the show was we would regret it. SO we walked the three feet to the right of us, and with shaky voices we asked for a photo. Not knowing that this would be the first of many times I would encounter this talented man, I tried to act calm and collected. His makeup glistening in the shitty streetlights, I was thrilled to be next to someone who had such a creative energy.

My mom arrived and Ibby and I got in the car; me reeling off of the adrenaline from the night, she wanting to go home after the bad mosh pit experience. After telling my mom about the entire night and how happy I was, I went to post the photo I had taken with Shaun, and to my dismay, my entire shirt became see through from the camera’s flash, making my pink bra the focus of the photo.

Didn’t stop me from posting the photo and bragging about my amazing night, though!

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