Mac Demarco

Ah, Mac.

Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV.

The Pepperoni Playboy.

The gap toothed, cigarette smoking Canadian that we all know and love.

When I was a senior in high school I happened to think Mac was the grooviest guy out there, (still do), and I was more than ready to see the Viceroy king (lol) live in concert!

My pal Syd and I were stoked beyond belief that we were going to be able to see Mac perform, and we bought tickets almost 4 months in advance. When the day of the concert finally came, we were staring at the clock waiting for the last period bell to ring.

Putting on my $4 striped shirt (a normal look to see at a Mac concert), I became nervous as to whether or not I would fit in with the crowd. I shouldn’t have worried, as when I arrived at the venue around 70% of the audience was dressed in striped shirts!

Before going to the show, we decided to walk around Chinatown for a bit. As soon as we started walking I noticed a few cute guys, and as I stared at them, I realized that they were in fact the backing band for Mac. Syd and I quickly decided to ~possibly~ walk in the same direction as them. A complete coincidence I promise. We saw them enter a restaurant and headed back towards the restaurant that we ourselves had planned to eat at. The whole time we watched out of the windows to see if we would be able to catch a glimpse of Mac himself walking down the street. We didn’t :(, but I did struggle to eat some yummy dumplings! No time to worry about burned tongues when the king of Jizz Jazz was about to perform!

Syd and I found some friends from school and took our spot in the middle of the standing audience. Everyone there was so tall. Some of the dudes there were towering over us, so it took some maneuvering to find a perfect spot to stand. The opener was called Walter TV, which was made up of Mac Demarco’s backing band. Y’know, the ones I saw on the street.

One thing to know about me is that I looooove boys with long hair, and everyone around me, even the men on stage, had long hair. I was LOVING it. Andy the guitarist is one of my favorite musicians, and not just because of how long his hair ~used~ to be. (Why do hair cuts happen to long hair?) He is the coolest guy you can think of, strumming on his guitar and dancing around, trying to put the audience in the best of moods.

Hey Look! It’s Mac!

Mac came out and the crowd could not have been more thrilled, especially those types of boys who dress exactly like Mac (those boys are the best.) He sang almost every song I could think of! Ode to Viceroy, Chamber of Reflection, and the crowd favorite Let Her Go.

It wouldn’t have been a Mac concert without a little interaction with the fans! Bringing stage divers up onto the stage, he made sure that everyone in that room was having immense fun. Next, it was his turn to stage dive. Now Mac is super known for doing this at concerts, but I never imagined what it would actually be like. He hopped off of the stage, and an immediate rush of hands were beneath him. Floating across the sea of limbs, he eventually ended up underneath the balcony seating section, where many people were reaching down to try and touch him. OF COURSE he reaches up to them, and is lifted from the hands of the audience up to the balcony. The two weren’t as close as you would think. Taking photos with the people upstairs as he grasped onto the ledge for dear life, he kept his cool and smiled throughout the whole thing. Soon you could see him telling the crowd below to move together. Oh boy. He jumped from the balcony into the audience, and was thankfully caught! Cigarettes were being pelted at him as he was taken back to the stage, and he graciously took a few.

Finishing off the concert with a cover of Enter Sandman by Metallica, his energy never ceased to be amazing. I mean think of how many concerts he has done in the past few years! It’s incredible that he is able to stay so into it and still be so interactive with the audience. If it were me I would be so tired and boring on stage, probably.

What a concert! Syd, our friends, and I were all buzzing with joy as we saw that a line had formed behind the venue. “Here we go!” I thought to myself as we joined the other teens on the sidewalk. We sat down and chatted about school, and it had soon been about an hour of us just waiting there. Feeling a little discouraged, I texted my mom asking if she would wait just a few more minutes. Thankfully, we heard a stage door open, and the fellow teens all pushed forward as he Mac began to sign autographs and take photos.

All I have to say is PROPS TO MAC. At any moment he could’ve said that he was tired and stopped meeting with the fans, but instead he patiently met with people for around an hour. There is something to say about that, as a lot of musicians might not care enough to do that.

It was finally our turn, and our little group of 4 suddenly became nervous as to what we would say and how we would pose. We decided to do solo photos and then one funny group photo, and Mac was down for it all! He was so nice and he seemed so sleepy but he was still so kind and made sure that we had a good time.

Unfortunately it was time for us to head home, but the 4 of us were so pumped to be able to talk about this in our classes the next day. WE HAD JUST MET MAC DEMARCO! Unbelievable.

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