Things Retailer Workers Hate Hearing From Customers

**Warning: the following content may seem offensive, proceed with caution and an open mind.**

All jokes aside, I love my job. BUT — there are those days where our customers aren’t so nice to us. Here’s some funny and ridiculous remarks retail workers get on the daily.

  1. “If it doesn’t scan, it’s free” ha-ha, very funny Betty.
  2. “The sign said it was cheaper.” Yeah, well the sign probably wasn’t even for the item you’re trying to buy.
  3. “Does the chip card work?” Oh no, we just spent thousands of dollars installing chip readers for them to not work.
  4. “I don’t want this item.” Then why did you put it in your cart to begin with?
  5. “Is this line open?” I’m not sure Stan, what does the giant green “open” sign say?
  6. “You should have more lines open.” Yeah? You should keep your opinions to yourself.
  7. “I just made that bill this morning!” Great, come back when you have some to give to me.
  8. “ I didn’t know my membership was expired, can I pay for it when I come in next?” No, because we are literally trained to tell you when it expires, and considering you are a regular customer, you knew dang well it was expired.
  9. “This item is cheaper at ______.” That’s awesome, go to the other store then.
  10. “I have to ask my wife.” No. Just no. If you’re not interested, just say so. This is the most annoying response retail workers get.
  11. “I’ll just go to Costco/Sam’s club.” Sweet! I’ll wave you out the door!
  12. “The sign says 10 items or less, is it okay if I have 14?” Well let’s see here, Steven, is 14 higher than 10? Yes? Then go to a regular line.
  13. “Can you check if this item is in the back?” What back? We don’t secretly hide merchandise. If it’s not here in the open, we don’t have it.
  14. “You guys move everything around too much.” Is it your store? No? Alright, then zip it. Not to mention, the person you said this to probably has no control of what displays are where.
  15. Can you open up another line?” No. If it looks like there are only a few lines open, we’re probably short staffed. I’m sorry you have to wait like everyone else.
  16. “Can I get your employee discount?” Are you an employee? No? Then no.
  17. “I want to speak with the manager.” Hey, guess what….they’re going to tell you exactly what I just said.
  18. “Oh, here’s my card….*pulls card out of bra*” EW, YA NASTY. Please, keep your cards where they belong, in your purse. Your bra is not a wallet.
  19. Can you get me an electric cart from outside?” Probably not. We sometimes have one cart guy, and if it’s busy, he’s going to have to stop everything he’s doing just to track one down.
  20. I’ll give you 3$ for this TV.” Um, no? This isn’t a garage sale Marty.
  21. *store closes at 9, customer walks in at 8:55* don’t you dare be that person. I will stare at you until the second you leave.

Thanks for reading! If you find this humorous or relatable, please share. Show your local cashier or store manager some respect, retail is not always a fun job to have!

~ XOXO Kaylynn ❤️