10 things I would tell my 10-year-old self about life

1. High school is the time to form good habits.

Tests in high school can usually be aced by studying ten minutes before the class begins. But in college, you’re going to need to study at least fifteen minutes every day for two weeks just to pass the exam.

There’s little to no time to learn studying habits in college so learn them while you can.

Learn how to prioritize now. Understand that some things are more important than others (like going to your scheduled work shift instead of hanging out with friends).

2. Don’t spend money like it grows on trees.

Sure, in a few years that first paycheck from Kmart is going to give you an adrenaline rush and you’re going to plan what you should spend it on right away. Save your money. You do not need to buy something with every paycheck.

Create a safety fund because that car you’re dreaming of owning one day is going to break down at some point. It’s better to have the money saved up for repairs to get that car fixed immediately than have to wait around to get enough money to fix it.

3. Don’t worry too much.

Middle school is awkward for everyone. Those people that don’t remember those years as ‘rough’ should be avoided.

Everything that you are worrying about now will not be important in a few years; let it go!

Boys are not something you should be thinking of (let alone worrying about) for a long, long time. Boys that you are crushing on now will disgust you in a year or two. Trust me, he is not the one no matter how many notes you two pass back and forth in English class.

4. Try your best with everything you do.

Try to do well and actually learn from what you’re doing. The homework you do now will still be relevant when you get to college.

There will be times where you will try hard and still not do as well as you had wanted to do. It doesn’t mean stop trying, it means try harder.

You can’t be the best at everything but if you work hard, you will feel better knowing you did the best you could.

5. Stop trying to grow up too quickly.

Spend a little extra time playing with dolls and toy cars. You will miss these later on.

You aren’t the only girl who won’t know how to do her makeup or what clothes to wear. Aeropostale wasn’t as cute as you (and everyone else) thought it was.

Also, that thick black eyeliner you’ll try to wear will make you look like a feral raccoon. Toss that makeup in the back of your drawer until you’re older.

6. Step away from the technology.

When you get a cell phone it’s going to seem like the coolest thing ever. What’s happening on social media can wait. Life will still go on if you set down the phone and spend time with your family and friends.

Middle school and technology are a bad combination. What people say behind their screens will be harsher than what they would say in real life, so disregard it.

7. Keep an open mind.

Remember that there are different cultures, viewpoints, and ideals outside of that small Wisconsin town. Be accepting of all sides, regardless of what yours is.

8. Put your health at the top of your priorities.

Exercise is essential. Aim for an hour of exercise a day, especially during sports’ off-seasons.

You need to get enough sleep and not just on the weekends

The saying, “you are what you eat” is true! This doesn’t mean you should only eat salads though. If you correctly control your portions you’ll be able to have more of what you really like (in moderation) without worrying about how it will affect your health.

This is an extremely important concept to have already learned when you go to college. Mom and dad aren’t making you balanced meals every night.

If you don’t take care of yourself you’ll end up with mono and that’s not fun.

9. Love yourself.

Love yourself even when you make mistakes that you hate. Make decisions that you know you will be happy to look back on.

10. Value your parents.

They have been through what you’re going through and their advice will help. Listen to their lectures; you might learn something from them.

When they say they don’t like one of your friends, listen to them; they are a pretty good judge of character. This applies to boyfriends as well.

Spend time with them while you can. They aren’t as embarrassing as you think they are. Maybe when you get older you might even think they’re cool.

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