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This is to everyone who wants to be free from the ghost of their mistakes. Really, I do not know your mistakes, but I know that you are better than that. I know you’re special.

Of mistakes, Gandhi wrote, freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

I believe our world and the inventions in it are products of mistakes that worked and those that didn’t work.

We’re enjoying the mistakes that worked and are equally paying for the ones that failed.

There’s really a lot to mistakes

Some mistakes are made on our behalf; like a young boy whose alcoholic father started indulging him at a very young age, and ended up an alcoholic. He had no choice. He didn’t participate intentionally.


Mistakes are of different categories. Forgetting food on the fire is not in the class of having an unwanted pregnancy.

Some mistakes are better made while young than at old age. Mistakes are costly, but some are costlier: like the mistake made by an accountant who computed wrongly, and declared profit instead of a loss for a firm, or one who married the wrong man or chose the wrong career out of parental influence.

But here’s the Bottom line

We all make mistakes, all of us.

And we don’t have to let it (the mistakes) or people nail us to our past. Every mistake, the moment it happens, becomes a past. How you treat your past will determine what you’ll see in your future.

You have to be strong and develop an attitude that is proud of your mistakes. It requires great mental strength by the help of the Holy Spirit to arrive here, but you must strive to make it.

I believe part of the reasons, in fact, the major reason people find it difficult to be proud of their mistakes is wrong attitude. When your perception of who you are is largely drawn from what people think or say about you, your mistakes will haunt you.

What if we changed your perspective about your mistakes?

Credit: Cokards

Some of the world’s greatest inventions were results of mistakes, accidental inventions.

Wilson Greatbatch was working on a contraption that would record human heartbeats when he accidentally inserted the wrong resistor. It ended up perfectly mimicking the heart’s rhythm and thus gave birth to the first implantable pacemaker.

He wouldn’t have done it that way had he not made that silly mistake.

Mistakes sometimes help us to see things in tears that we might not see dry-eyed. Ajomole Kayode

And if you’d be sincere with yourself, you have learnt more from failing than succeeding: that invaluable wisdom should make you proud of your life.

Like I said, I’m not aware of how shattering your mistakes have affected you. You can be better.

Let me give you a list of what I have learnt about Mistakes

  • Mistakes are part of God’s tools to sharpen us
  • Mistakes can either become an asset or a liability
  • Sometimes, mistakes are miracles. They are instructions. They show us our ultimate insufficiency, which we do not always like to accept. We prefer the self-sufficient us.
This you must know, “you are not your mistakes. If people refuse to look at you in a new light and they can only see you for what you were, only see you for the mistakes you’ve made, if they don’t realize that you are not your mistakes, then they have to go”. Steve Maraboli

Yes, they have to go.

After effectively adjusting your attitude and perspective to squeeze the juice from your mistakes, here are 6 treasures you can unearth from your mistakes.

  • You can write a book about it
  • Make a film about it
  • Start a project, perhaps a social enterprise, around it
  • You can start a blog around it
  • Teach on it, speak to others about it. You have the ability to change in others what has hurt you that you have conquered
  • Improve on it. Let your creative ability be unlocked to think around its dimensions.
  • Interestingly, a proper handling of your mistakes can make people pay for your counsel if you are able to share it passionately.

Dear friend, Go! Be proud of your mistakes.

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