40 Weeks Writing Challenge

After following Akíndélé Oyinlolá Olúwanímiílò’s 100 Days Writing Challenge, I got the inspiration needed for me to write again. My first major commitment to frequent writing can be traced back to when I joined a religious sub-group on campus that does write-ups for birthday celebrants within the group. I wrote for a couple of times but had to leave when demands from my previous work came knocking.

Since my new work encourages and gives room for writing, I’ve got no excuse. So I have decided to put my pen to paper (rather my hands on the keyboard) to give myself into writing at least a piece in a week for forty weeks.

I have written to let you know about my commitment so that you can be my watchdog (Oreoluwa Akinniranye and stivenchy, make sure you are committed to watching me do this). Please don’t hesitate to give me knocks when you don’t find any piece from me within a week. Now that I’m surrounded with this much cloud of witnesses, my mind is at rest that this will have a happy ending even though it’s not going to be a smooth ride. I’ve read so many materials on a writer’s dilemma and they all end with good stories. I know that there will be weeks where I will be too tired or even short of ideas but that won’t be an excuse anymore.

Lest I forget, I have chosen a niche to always write on. It’s simply what I’m passionate about: Software Development (Ruby and Javascript). Who knows, I might be inspired to write on some other things too.

The journey has started!


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