Hi friend,

Let me tell you the story of a young worker…

Tall, well-built, handsome, humble and very hardworking, he climbed quickly to the upper rung of the corporate ladder; ousting those he met in the organization.

His dedication to duty attracted the attention of the Chief Executive Officer and he was swiftly elevated to the post of General Manager or Managing Director or something like that, making him answerable to the CEO only.

While the worker is a man known as Joseph in the Biblical account and referred to as Yusuf in the Quranic account, the CEO is called Potiphar and al-Aziz in the respective accounts.

Needlessly, this story is one of the numerous Biblical stories in the Quran. It’s fascinating how that the two most-revered holy books gave similar account of the narrative, even if not entirely parallel. However, this is no doubt testament to the authenticity of the story of the young worker

As relayed by both accounts, from the day one of the worker’s venture into the CEO group of companies, everything prospered; more clients, more patronage, more sales, and invariably, more return on investment – everything Midas!

The CEO must have noticed this before handling over the operations of his conglomerates to the care of the worker. Potiphar/al-Aziz handed everything over for Joseph/Yusuf to preside over.

May be the worker used love portion on the CEO? Or bathed with a concoction known as ‘eyonu aye’? to curry CEO’s favour? Or any other diabolic enchantment? But NO! Joseph/Yusuf never used any of these. What then is Joseph/Yusuf’s secret?

The story in both accounts narrated how that the worker was not just hardworking, conscientious, dedicated but also VERY PRAYERFUL; he ceaselessly prayed for the prosperity of his boss. Not just that, he prayed for increased patronage, he prayed for clients and customers to prosper to be able to patronize the products and services that they produce.

Dear friend, when last did you prayed for your employer? When last did you prayed for your clients/customers? When last did you prayed for the success of your employer’s business? Are you the ‘I-don’t-care-type’ when things are not moving properly for the company you work for, if you can just get your pay?

Verily verily I say unto you (in strong cathedral voice), renounce this attitude today and turn a new leaf. This 'Oga ta, Oga o ta' attitude cannot take you far. Pray for the progress of the organization you work for, pray for the progress of the customers and clients, pray for everything directly and invariably related to the business. They prosper and own their own that do these.

Peace. All the blessings!

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