You may ask yourself this question when browsing beautiful photos from your latest Samsung or iPhone and it’s something that does come up in conversation these days.

So, I have a few points for you to consider and by the end of this article you can decide for yourself what’s the best decision for your company… PHONE or PHOTOGRAPHER?

Mobile phones have really come on in quality and I enjoy using mine especially on holiday. …

Have you ever had your headshot taken by a professional photographer? Did you feel apprehensive beforehand? What shall I wear? Am I photogenic? Will I blink every time the shutter goes off? To reassure anyone reading these are all VERY NORMAL FEELINGS.

Prior to any headshot I have taken the vast majority of people will say to me “I am not photogenic” and say they also say “I don’t like having my picture taken”. So if you have these feelings about a forthcoming photo shoot you are not alone.

I often find clients are surprised after having their headshot taken…

Kay Ransom Photography

● Welcome to the “Always use auto” article, this article covers the three fundamentals of photography (ISO, shutter speed and aperture) if your preferred learning style is through reading please continue, if you are more of a visual learner please see my website for the five videos I created illustrating the content of this article:

● This information is aimed at novices who own or have access to a Digital SLR, who currently use it on automatic and would like to make the most of its’ features. This article will cover the three fundamental principles that will enable you…

Kay Ransom Photography — Behind the scenes

So have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an event photographer?

It can be exciting, it takes you to new places you’ve never been before, you get to hear high profile speakers and even meet the odd celeb! So what’s the catch I hear you saying? You can expect 12–15 hour shifts with no breaks, the kit bag is around 14kg (2 stone ish) and most jobs are away from home so expect a long journey before / after and then a 12–15 hour edit of the photos when you get home.

I often get asked if I’ve…

So you’ve got yourself a “posh camera” and you’re wondering how do I take a fantastic headshot with it? There are quite a few factors to consider:

Background: find yourself a non cluttered background and if possible have it as far away from the model as possible e.g. fields/trees that are in the distance, this gives you a better depth of field and hopefully gives you a nice blurred background.

Lighting: if you’re outside opt for shade or have the sun behind the subject. If you’re inside avoid having existing lights directly above the subject’s head.

Camera Settings: there’s no…

“People are beautiful“ an image from that brief

Back in 2013 I had an unexpected sub-brief whilst on a Unilever job…

I had been booked for five days at The Round House in London, which if you’ve never been before is certainly is an impressive venue. The initial two days were creating a time-lapse of the event set up and the latter three days were 14 hour event photography coverage days. So quite a full on brief!

In 2014 I was requested by a very high profile client to attend an event they were running at Abbey Road studios in London. This shoot epitomised why I decided to become a photographer, being able to access different places of interest around the country can be a real privilege!

This exciting shoot thankfully landed on a dry and not too chilly day. I met the 80 delegates at the studios and spent quite some time in security with all my camera kit, they are thorough and with good reason being the highest profile music studio around.

We were in…

Not many people know that I’m actually a Prince’s Trust start up. Back in 2005 when “Kay Ransom Photography” was still just an idea. I chatted to lots of friends and family about becoming a professional photographer and many ideas were shared, one of which was a recommendation to approach The Prince’s Trust. I have to say this wasn’t an avenue I’d considered and I wasn’t sure if I’d meet the criteria, but at 25 I knew I was within the age range they support so thought I’d get in touch.

Upon contacting The Prince’s Trust in Gloucester they said…

Competing at Kernow Wake Park — 2.0 cable wakeboarding

From being dragged round the lake on an inflatable whale to an amateur wakeboard champ — how an earth did that happen?

Outside of my career as a professional photographer I’ve had an on-going passion for water sports and cable wakeboarding has been a big part of that.

In 2006 I tried boat wakeboarding for the first time at Lakeside Ski & Wake, then in 2007 I tried cable wakeboarding at WMSki. …

Sir Dave Brailsford

The day I shot Sir Dave Brailsford changed my life

Ok I’m no criminal just a photographer trying to start this blog with a bang! When people over hear two photographers chatting about who they recently shot or who they are booked to shoot next it can raise the odd eyebrow! Part of the perils of being a professional photographer I guess!

Back in 2014 I was in central London on a Unilever photography commission, it’s common for them to book very high profile and interesting speakers. …

Kay Ransom Photography

Award winning Kay Ransom Photography is based in The Cotswolds with high profile clients across the UK. Photographing events, corporate & commercial projects.

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