“Is Everyone Here This Happy All The Time?”

Is everyone here this happy all the time? This is one of my favorite — and most frequently asked — follow-up questions I receive after people visit Soulstice for the first few times. It’s true, we’re collectively a pretty friendly and upbeat bunch. But more true is that we strive to be a Mindful bunch.

Mindfulness is when you take the attention, focus and awareness you acquire through daily meditation practice, regular bodywork, consistent yoga and mind-body rituals and actually apply them to your daily life, speech, thoughts and actions. Meditation is a practice; Mindfulness is a lifestyle. Meditation is self-focused; Mindfulness is other-focused. Meditation expands self-awareness, understanding and empathy; Mindfulness is their application: sensitivity, compassion and how we treat other people.

Mindfulness is consciously living in alignment with the qualities that meditation, yoga and mind-body practices nurture and expand… It is where the rubber hits the road. It’s deep, graceful and true integrity. It’s what matters most. The juiciest, sweetest part of the yummiest peach.

“Is everyone here this happy all the time?” …I believe when people experience and react to our staff this way it is thanks to their collective Mindfulness. What does this look like in action??

  • They genuinely care. About everything, pretty much. They are conscious of how they care for their bodies, their mental states and environment. They care about and generously serve other people. They care about their work and giving their best effort. They consciously care about each other, our guests and members and community. They give a damn — and this makes them special.
  • They are willing to be wrong. Truth be told, we screw things up a lot — me more than anyone. For example, I really shouldn’t be touching our software, but sometimes I do. We mess things up, we leave something out, we’re impatient, and sometimes we just have an off-day. But when we do, our team is strong enough to own it and vulnerable enough to face their imperfections. Truly confident people are capable of acknowledging when they are wrong, and vulnerable enough to offer a genuine apology. Then we smile and move on. It’s amazing to me how many people are incapable of admitting an error or offering an apology when they’ve made a mistake or hurt someone, assuming this displays weakness on their part. On the contrary, gently owning up, moving on, and doing better is the truly mindful and mature path.
  • They beam. Clear eyes, open and relaxed countenances, deep smiles, lasting hugs. If you’ve been around an enlightened person — and I’ve met one or two who come close — they simply glow… possessing an incandescence and serenity, an aura and energy around them that you can sense and feel when you’re in their company. Now, granted, no one on our staff claims to be a guru, bodhisattva or Jedi master (although Gina Vance comes close) but they do collectively possess a distinct energy that simply feels warm, buzzy, uplifting and contagious to be around. Mindfulness emits a slow-burning joy and constancy that the people around you can feel and experience.
  • They lead with appreciative hearts. The most prominent characteristic of the most Mindful people I know is their ability to appreciate everything and everyone around them. When you surround yourself with people who lift you up and appreciate you for who you are, it allows you to relax, open your heart, and be more generous with everyone around you. When you lead with a grateful heart, you naturally act in a way that benefits others, your shared space and inspires your collective growth. Coming from a place of appreciation and gratitude, collaboration, interdependence and working together toward a common purpose comes easily and naturally.
  • They laugh, a lot. Individually and as a group, our team is really, really funny. They are quirky and clever, silly and bright, wry and wise. They endlessly entertain me, our customers and each other. They have an ability to take their healing work very seriously, while not taking themselves overly seriously. There is a lightness in their appoach that is an absolute delight to be around. Laughter is indeed medicine, and leaves you feeling more open, uplifted and able to experience the wonder & sweetness in life.

With humor, sweetness and gratitude, we thank and honor all of you for being part of our community and appreciating our incredible staff the way you have…. xxx Kayse