Stylist in Atlanta

Its not easy to be a hair stylist in the land of “The best Weaves and hair world!” its never about what u know its who you know! I move to the “Land of the Weave” about two years ago, moved around to about 3 salons now, and none of them seem to fit my standards! Is it me?! I am a hard worker with a dream to own my own salon and be the best hair stylist i can be! Well moving here will really give me a wake up call! Not so many do it for the passion. Its more so for fame and money. I dont want to fall victim to this lifestyle most locals fall victim to becoming.. There are still good people in the world only want to do there job! Stylist who only focus on who’s in their chair at the moment, someone who is trying to make a difference! One of those people are me! Im looking to build my clientele with people who want quality hair services and a stylist who is affordable!

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