Here I argue that our sense of self is an illusion and there is no “you” as you know it.

This time, I’m writing to explain a recurrent tweet that I’m automatically posting every week. Here is the very first one, from 2018 with:

you can find all of them by searching the phrase on Twitter; I don’t know why you might want to do it though.

Interestingly, I have a couple more of these tweets that will repeat every week as a reminder for me and my fellow tweeters, but this one seems to be more engaging. Especially during the last three months, I was asked to explain it, so here I am. You probably guessed already, a philosophical freakshow is open to diving in, and there are active, heated debates for centuries addressing the concept of self and personhood from different angles. Nope, I’m not an expert there so I won’t go even close to any of them. We, neuroscientists with our expensive brain imaging devices, jumped in at one point and provided the answer, empirically. It’s all in the brain and “you are your connectome”. So am I going to repeat the same things though? Compelling since it’s my comfort zone, but I try not to flood this post with jargons and anatomical names that makes no sense for others. What I want to do is to stay in an even more comfortable zone and give a personal example. …

I’m just trying to build up an intuition here.

What do we mean by evolution?

Evolution, this mysterious concept that allegedly started with the works of Charles Darwin, so many people call it Darwinism. …

Take home message: we probably won’t die but let’s not kill others either.

Ok, I try my best to keep this short, I see many people around me are not as concerned as I believe they should be. I get it, I might be overdoing it myself but here’s what my mind is telling me on and on and I thought I should share it with you, not to start a panic but to hopefully make some super chill people uncomfortable with what they are doing.

The argument:

The argument is pretty simple, this virus is not dangerous for a vast majority of the people, they feel a bit shitty, and it’ll pass. What creeps me out is the fact that there’s still a mortality rate so yes people actually pass away and we know it already. When I was talking to people here in Germany, I realized that many of my friends think “not a big deal, we’re young and we’ll handle it” as I said it’s kinda true. Most of us will, but this doesn’t justify sneezing and coughing in public spaces like you are a fire extinguisher or something. …


Kayson Fakhar

I’m a PhD student in Computational Neuroscience so I write about the mind, the brain and other related stuff, which is basically everything else.

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