How To Plan And Manage Time Effectively For JEE Preparation?

Believe us studying for as longer as you can is definitely not the right answer. Preparing for the competitive exams does not require longer hours of studying but smarter ways of planning your studies. You might have seen around you that people who study for fewer hours are able to crack an exams rather than those spending half of their day studying and you might have concluded that the those who studied for less hours possess some kind of spectacular mental skills.

But that’s not true, the only skill they possess is that they can effectively plan their preparations and can manage their time accordingly. The first rule of time management is that revision is as important as learning so you should give enough time to revision in your time table for exam preparation.

One of the most popular examinations students aspire for is JEE examination. An effective plan for JEE preparation starts with a good understanding of the syllabus. Always keep in mind, your plan to failure is actually a plan for your failure. You have to take small steps to reach your ultimate goal. For JEE preparations, you need to set your daily targets and analyze your weekly achievements and keep on practicing questions on your own. With this analysis, you can identify your weak and strong topics and track down your performance. Following these easy steps increases your chances of cracking the examination by 20% to 40%. You need not to study from morning to evening, you just need to have two separate time slots, one in the morning and another in the evening, with enough time in between to relax and keep you fresh.

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