Harvesting your intuition

Almost as soon as I determined that I could share something each day of what I learn, I read about harvesting. (That wonderful cognitive bias, ‘frequency illusion’, is showing its magic to me). I suspect this is an article I am going to have to read several times for it to sink in.

The general gist I get, is that it is a method to glean information from any source to build up and create meaning. Well that’s a rather simplistic explanation. Definitely one I’m going to have to do in order to see how it might truly work. But whenever someone references, or even better still builds upon, Integral Theory I do get a little excited!

But that’s actually not what I wanted to share today.

I’m engrossed in a book at the moment, A General Theory of Love. Poetic science. In one study described, researchers asked participants to predict the weather from a sequence of seemingly non-sensical symbols. On each prediction the participant was given feedback if they were right or wrong. This was repeated fifty times. Although it was practically impossible to decipher the symbols they did ‘relate lawfully’. After the 50 attempts the average person was right seventy percent of the time. So even though they didn’t understand what they were doing or why, they were still able to do it. Says a whole lot for trusting your intuition. Read the book it explains it so much better (pp 107–108).

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