Time to start ‘working out loud’

For quite some time I have struggled with the idea of putting to print (or any permanent medium) the things that swirl around in my brain. I’ve attributed this to being raised in a culture of tall poppy syndrome, a generous spoonful of perfectionism and a dash of imposter syndrome. Or perhaps it’s just laziness.

I’ve tried a couple of times to overcome this struggle. One blog post on my work at Envato. An unpublished blog post on a collaborative presentation, also at Envato. Both of these hard work.

I’ve set myself goals to write blog posts. Time after time these goals fall over.

A number of, very supportive, people have encouraged me to find a way to get my work out there. Being the research/reading junkie that I am for the last couple of months I’ve been reading blogs on Working Out Loud and slowly it’s resonating with me.

This past weekend I read about Leo Buscaglia and The Dinner Table University. This idea excited me. Our Delivery team, at Envato, shares with each other observations from their day. At first this was in the form of what worked / what didn’t work / what puzzles us (those familiar with retrospectives will recognise this classic format). We then changed this to be two things you are grateful for (which helps to build resilience) and anything that is puzzling us. I am now keen to try what’s one thing you learned today.

Then it struck me…finally here was the impetus for me to start blogging. Well we will see how that goes.

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