What can you teach me in 30 minutes (or more)?

And when I say teach I don’t want you to just tell me how, I want to do it together with you.

It’s taken me three months to return to writing here. I have plenty of excuses, not the least being that I quit my job and have been taking some luxurious time to explore deeply what it is I want to do next and into the future. I already know what I love to do — the headline is ‘Coaching’ — but I enjoy exploring what this means to me and why I do it.

When I finished at my last job I had an angry energy about me. I won’t hide the fact that I left a place I, on the whole, enjoyed, and people who I loved working with, because I was unhappy. Certain things happened, decisions were made and for me personally they were untenable. I’m not saying ‘they’ were wrong, it just was no longer ‘right’ for me.

To shake the gnawing negativity within myself I excitedly headed off on a road trip West. Solitude and ocean air does wonders for my soul. Throw into the mix, time with beautiful friends — who traverse their own journey with as much thought and wonder — and my usual centeredness returned.

Rock scrambling at Second Valley, South Australia

When not out exploring my surroundings I looked inwards and explored my head, heart and soul (cheesy but true). I wrote, I read, I threw ideas around.

I was reluctant to leave my adventure, thankfully more followed. My regular pilgrimage to Hobart during Dark Mofo, then Sydney for Agile Australia. Both places where I could be with great friends. The later a chance to bump my brain into thinking about work again.

As I expected when I resigned from my last role, there were lots of leads on jobs and I’m now in the middle of exploring them all — interviewing and/or ‘chatting’. But this post is not about that!

With time currently on my side and my head and heart open to possibilities I have the opportunity to soak up so much. This weekend I’m hanging out at my dad and stepmother’s farm in South Gippsland. It just so happens to coincide with my taking a punt on investing in Do Wales Live streaming. I’ve been reading their articles for some time and I was curious what the ‘Live’ experience was all about. It has been wonderful. And it’s got me thinking — again!

One thing I know is that if you expose yourself to things not usually within your sphere of knowledge it can trigger a merging of new ideas. Do Wales Live invites people who have done, and are doing, a wide range of things with their life to come and speak. I was thinking about the name “DO” and it reminded me of Norman Bodek’s keynote at LAST where he spoke about the Harada Method. One quote that stood out for me was “learn by doing”.

And there’s the kicker. I think, I read, but how much do I DO. This isn’t going to be an exercise is self flagellation. I know I do plenty. And I’m proud of it. But what more can I do. What more can I learn. Then I had an idea…

What if I asked people to teach me something new. It could be something that they are expert in. It may be related to their work. Maybe a hobby. Maybe there is something they’ve always wanted to learn and they need a ‘study buddy’ to kick start it. It could be a craft. It could be mathematical. The options seem endless. What if we spent 30mins doing it together. Where would that lead?

Do you want to teach me something and do it together?

And if you’re not in a location physically close to me is there something we can do via Skype or similar? Let me know. I’m ready to learn, explore & DO.

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