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Know how to recognize when you’ve got a winner.

About six years ago, when my boyfriend and I first started dated, we were spending time together at a little dive bar in the city. My boyfriend excused himself to go to the restroom, and almost immediately a tipsy, blonde-haired man took his place on the stool beside me.

His friendly conversation quickly turned flirtatious, and his intoxication prevented him from taking a hint. As I delivered the “I’m flattered but I have a boyfriend” line, I caught a glimpse of my partner coming out of the restroom. …

Your partner might not be a bad person, but that doesn’t mean they‘re a good partner for you.

During my last year of college, I lived in a three-story house with six of my closest friends. One of my housemates, who lived one floor above me, started seeing a new guy a few months before I met my now fiancé. Watching a friend experience true love for the first time was a beautiful thing to witness, and being able to go through that same experience alongside her strengthened our friendship.

But as her relationship progressed, it was clear to everyone that my friend and her boyfriend weren’t as compatible as we initially suspected. …

Laying out the successes and mistakes of a few months of writing.

I published my first story on Medium at the end of April, fully expecting that I’d accumulate an extensive portfolio of articles by the time I hit the six-month mark. Considering I had no paid-writing experience, I assumed I’d need to publish a few times a week if I wanted to gain any momentum.

But after just three months of writing regularly, I had to face the reality that the amount time I was spending on my articles wasn’t paying off. For three months of work (plus one bonus week in April), I had only made $257.46 — an average…

Your hardest times can lead to your greatest opportunities.

Life is a continuous ebb and flow of success and hardship — if you’re living, you’re going to experience adversity from time to time. And if you don’t know how to handle life’s inevitable setbacks, you’re destined to underachieve and fall short of your goals. While challenges can become huge obstacles for some, others are able to flourish when things get tough. Those who are successful know how to use their adversities and failures to their advantage, while the rest of us can have a hard time just getting out of bed the morning after a major flub.

Why is…

These traits will give your partner permanent butterflies.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I were sitting at home watching TV, when I looked over at him and asked, “What do you love about me?”

He gave me an eye roll, followed by a little smirk before replying, “My favorite thing about you is your brain and your love of dad jokes.”

I was more than satisfied with his answer, probably because I playfully ask him the same question on a regular basis and he always lovingly entertains my antics.

It’s normal to wonder what it is that makes us lovable, even after you’ve been in a long-term relationship…

#3 — She can thrive on her own

My best friend and I were so excited for our first Halloween as 21-year-olds. We bought tickets for a night at a haunted club and found a way to turn tutu’s into superhero costumes in anticipation of the big event.

It was also her first Halloween with her new boyfriend. Clubs and dancing weren’t exactly his thing, but he agreed to go with us. Eventually he wanted a break from the crowded dance floor, but my best friend took that as a sign of rejection.

“Come on Kay, we’ll find hotter guys to dance with us!”

Before I could even…

There’s something to be said about having that “je ne sais quoi” that people just can’t put their finger on yet leaves them wanting more.

I found myself in the market for a new car in 2018. I spent weeks visiting dealerships, test driving different models, and listening to all sorts of pitches from the salespeople. After my research, I narrowed my options down to two cars, wrote out a list of pros and cons, and took a couple of weeks to think over my decision.

I figured there would be a glaringly obvious reason that I would choose one car over another. Maybe a difference in price, better gas mileage, or more features for a better bargain would put one car easily atop another…

Number 5— You are terrified of being alone

When I started my first relationship in high school, I couldn’t wait for the fairytale moments ahead of me. I’d finally get to be that girl who had someone’s hand to hold during passing periods, who could flaunt her boyfriend’s sweatshirt on a cold day, and who could look forward to a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day.

But what I wasn’t prepared for was the level of maturity that I would need to handle some of the not-so-cute things that go along with dating. …

80% of millionaires started with nothing — here’s what sets them apart from everyone else

When I was a kid, I thought that being rich was simply luck of the draw. I can remember sitting in the car with my mom as we drove to her childhood friend Diane’s house one afternoon. She and her family lived in a beautiful home in the affluent suburbs about 20 minutes away from my modest childhood house. On the car ride over I looked at my mom and curiously asked: “Was aunt Diane’s family rich, or did she marry someone who’s family was rich?”

In my 8-year-old mind, being wealthy was pretty simple; you’re either born into a…

Give yourself permission to spend by taking control of your money

Budgeting has been the absolute backbone of my financial journey. It’s allowed me to pay off $19k in debt and save an additional $50k all in a two-year span. But more valuable than the monetary gains has been the peace of mind that I’ve experienced by having complete control over my money.

A well-executed budget enables you to tell your money where to go; gone are the days of feeling like your life is limited by your income. And while it can take a few months to really nail down the art of a zero-based budget, the process of getting…

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