Rapids on google colab

Ayush Kumar
May 6, 2019 · 2 min read

an introductory guide to help run the rapids on google colab

If rapids is a new words to your vocabulary, I suggest, go through some of beautiful blogs posted official rapids channel.

If you have tried running rapids on colab, then you know that how frustrating it is.

I have written down the steps which I have figured out during my endeavour to run rapids on colab. Hope it helps and save your some time.

Step1: First of all, just verify that you have all requirement satisfied, needed by rapids.

  • Check the gpu card (>=Pascal arch)

Note: if you see gpu architecture Tesla K80, then you need to change the runtime until you get the Tesla T4.

  • Check CUDA version installed (>=9.2)
!nvcc -V
  • Check the python and pip version (python==3.6)
!python -V; pip -V

cudf on colab:

!pip install cudf-cuda100

If you try to import cudf at this point, it will give you, librmm.so not found error.

  • copy this librmm.so to your current working directory:
!cp /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/librmm.so .

At this point you will be able to import cudf. But while running some code, it will give errors.

Step 3: Here you have to set the path for NVVM. copy and paste the below lines to notebook cell.

import os  

Finally, it’s all done and you can run your code.

cuml on colab:

# installing cuml dependencies
!apt install libopenblas-base libomp-dev
# installing the cuml
!pip install cuml-cuda100
  • import cuml at this point, will give libcuml.so not found error.

Step 2: In order to solve this issue in colab, run the below command.

!cp /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/libcuml.so /usr/lib64-nvidia/

Now, it’s done for cuml too, you can run the code.

Here is the running notebook…https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1OqZFKkkyVthnB-Qz-ukb61CM4yKzke_Y

If you run into any issue or want to share some suggestions, comments are always welcome, Thanks you :)

Ayush Kumar

Written by

GPU enthusiastic, work on rapids

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