I’ll take ETH for a Haiku….

A collection of Crypto Haikus

Qayyum Rajan
Mar 15 · 2 min read

Over the last little while, my internal newsletter to the team — “This week in the Qryptosphere” — covers the surrounding markets, interesting charts, investment landscapes and other ideas and briefs to keep people updated with the world around us.

To spice things up, I end every week with a haiku. Here are is a selection of crypto haikus to make keep you inspired for #cryptospring

Enjoy — these are in order of Volume 1 to 10 :)

Finish one, move on

I write this like a blockchain

Haiku to haiku

Banks are post-paper

But still use paper logic:

It’s horse and buggy.

Free society

Has, at its core, privacy

You must act in trust.

A world computer

The baseline of transactions

In ethereum, trust

A novel system

Is already rising up.

We are pioneers.

To the Moon we go

Oh no, the price crashed again

Back to Mom’s Basement

Nyet Nyet to Bitcoin

Senor Putin why you say

Bitcoin beats Rubles

Bitcoin price falls down

Hold the line! Trust Satoshi!

Tears fall, like your coins.

    Qayyum Rajan

    Written by

    Frontier/Blockchain/Macro/Data Science Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer at iComply Investor Services Inc.

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