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It makes no sense to argue that “fighting’’ means shaming terrible people until they go away, if the other people define fighting as something different: like, you know, FIGHTING. Like the protesters who have ended up in hospitals for injuries. I’m not trying to normalize anything that isn’t already there, you need to understand other ways people think. That’s why we keep an open mind about who is wonderful and who is terrible, people are just people and you can’t read their minds, you have to share some of yourselves with each other.

Interesting that you brought up polygamists for your words kind of echo what happened in the election. Polygamy is alive, well and working to become legal again. The ones most seen on tv live in Short Creek and Arizona City, but most are modern, have jobs and are accepted or tolerated in neighborhoods. There is a plural family a few blocks from me. They are like the republican voters this year. Outsiders foolishly put them in a box and label it and write them off. Suddenly, surprise! There are more of them than you knew and they are mad at the way they’ve been portrayed. They mostly live in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona, perfect for electoral votes. They are republicans, I guess you must hate them and be a bigot toward them. You don’t know much about them, or understand them, just as Hillary’s people misunderstood the people being called red necks.

There shouldn’t be sides, we are all one country and that’s what we need to work for. I’ve been through worse times than this, I’ve been through bigger movements than this. I’ve seen eager young people focus narrowly and miss the outer ramifications of their actions. Fight is a bad word to use, it doesn’t mean the same to everyone, and everyone is not like you.

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