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Cogapp’s Aurora making the studio look mysterious!

In this post-turned-part-tutorial I am going to run you through a pet project of mine that I started as part of one of Cogapp’s regular #coghack hackathon days. It includes both a hardware hack and a program that my colleague Ben Kyriakou and I wrote to accompany it.

Our Hack-day Goal

Here is a little bit of context to start; at Cogapp we have a daily stand up with the entire team, during which we each take our turn to update everyone on what work we have been doing the previous day and what work we plan to do today.

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This format can get a bit stale after a while and it is easy for people’s minds to wander off, lose concentration and miss important information. So to keep it interesting our stand ups have gone through several iterations which have featured, playing loud music, turning our stand up to-do list boards to face the wall to randomly choose the next person and, at one point, throwing a stuffed toy rabbit at each other to indicate whose turn it was next (that didn’t last very long!!). …


Kay White

Developer at @Cogapp. Nerd in life!

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