Simple Influencer Marketing For Restaurants and Cafes

The steps are simple,
1) Design a beautiful digital coupon for giving out meals for free (your signature dish is suggested)

2) Go to Instagram and search for your restaurant’s location for example #melaka or #petalingjaya

3) Look at the 9 top posts with the hashtag of your location and click on those posts to check how much follower they got.

4) Follow them one by one and send your well designed coupon to them and offer them a free signature meal.

5) When they arrived to your shop, kindly ask them if you can have a picture with them and post it to your Instagram page and tag them along.
Somebody will say “Giving out free stuff?This is like the oldest trick ever!”, they may be right but giving out free stuff and giving out free stuff strategically isn’t the same.
By following these steps, you are able to target influencer that have a huge followers and doing this will expose your business to all his or her followers. Do the math.
Remember, you are not limited to Instagram only, you can use this trick on Facebook or any other platform too.
I hope you enjoy this and actually apply it on your business and let me know the difference.