Start doing!

What does that mean? Simply start working or putting effort into something? Some kind of motivation speech?

No, start doing is actually you starting to accept the possibility of failing. Start doing means you are mentality ready to fail and physically ready to work hard till you are exhausted.

Too many people avoid starting because they are either afraid or lazy, that’s the two main reasons.

They are afraid of failing, criticism, what other people think and the list goes on. If they tell you they are not afraid of anything, then they are surely a lazy pig.

Many people have a mouth bigger than their action. They say they are gonna achieve this and that but they are actually doing nothing other than breathing.

Start doing, it’s not an embarrassment if you failed, it’s a lesson, life lesson that are customised for you. Don’t bother what coming out of other person’s mouth, their words will not increase the zero’s in your bank account, your action does. Live on your own terms, f*ck the others.

If you are lazy, I mean really really lazy, please realise that there a hundreds of thousands of people willing to sacrifice a lot of stuff to live the life that you are wasting. Be responsible to your life, you only have one.

Some random rant of me seeing so many people doesn’t even start doing.