Why You Never Started Anything?

Why getting started is the hardest? Let me tell you why, when I wanted to write this blog, I got the title, I got the overall idea but when I start typing, my “sensor” is on.

I start sensing that everything is wrong, I’m worried that the words of my choice is not good enough, the story line that I am going to tell is not attractive enough, the way I present the story is not interesting enough and million other stuff.

This is a common problem to lots of people in the world, we always wanted to be perfect and we always wanted to be perfect even before we start and this caused so many of us give up even before we try to do it.

I got it, we should always go for the best and be the best. But standing on the sideline doesn’t provide a better view than being in the field. We can’t foresee everything that is going to happen in the future, planning is good but the execution is better.

With a plan, you can solve a problem better because you have got the blueprint of what you wanted to achieve and make a decision around that goal, but without execution, your plan won’t even fulfill its value as a blueprint.

After I found out the cycle of my thought process which is idea-problem-answer-problem for the answer-answer for the problem for the answer and x times for the process, I decided to not spend more than a month on planning for something. If you couldn’t figure out the best solution within a month, you probably won’t figure it out for the next 6 months. Start, execute and find an answer for the problem that arises along the way.

Don’t let the unknown hold you back, you have no fucking control over the unknown. Just like Microsoft didn’t anticipate appearance of Apple before they are the Microsoft. When that happens, they react to it and fight their way back to the track.

Unknown happens, we react, period.

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