Are Today’s Children and Young Teens Overly Concerned with Their Physical Appearance?


Today’s teens and children are overly concerned with their physical appearances because some of them think that if they’re not pretty or not good looking, they will not have confidence to go outside with someone. Even some of the girls think that they will not attract the boys’ eyes to watch them which they think isn’t good for them. These things might be a reason for many to have cosmetic surgery and a lot of money might be spent for this kind of operation. This isn’t right. The society shouldn’t be like this and it needs to change.

I will start off by talking about the lack of confidence because of the thought of looking bad. This is a very common reason for teens to go to a clinic or a hospital to have cosmetic surgery which costs a lot of money to make this operation happen. Most of the parents are very concerned about this and don’t want their children to have cosmetic plastic surgery to their bodies, but some parents still let their children do what they want to do. Anyone can lose confidence within themselves and it can make them depressed which can cause problems later in life. This situation can be understandable but anyway, teens shouldn’t have plastic surgery because it can damage their bodies or it may have serious after effects. You might hear some rumors or news that a girl who had plastic surgery on her breast and the silicon in her breast exploded because of pressure or heat from somewhere which can cause death. This is a very dangerous situation and teens shouldn’t risk their lives for their beauty.

Some girls think their looks will not attract boys to like them and this causes them to have plastic surgery to make them look better and make the boys like them. This kind of situation can happen in both boys and girls, but mostly in girls. I think this isn’t right because some of the boys didn’t like the girl because of her looks, but they like her personality. If the girls look pretty, but their personality is bad, the boys are not going to like them. Anyway, these teens’ thoughts still encourage them to have plastic surgery and it still keeps going on and on. Some of the teens should realize that their looks isn’t as important as their inside or personality.

For a plastic surgery operation to be happen, it needs money to make this happen. Teens are begging their parents for money to have plastic surgery and most parents don’t have the money to fulfill their children’s needs. This becomes a problem within the family which can cause huge damage in family’s relationships. This is not a good thing because teens shouldn’t be so selfish like this. They should understand their parents rather than having a fight with them. A wealthy family still can provide money for their children to do plastic surgery, even though they don’t want their children to have plastic surgery.

Lastly, I think that the situations that I said earlier should be stopped and teens need to rethink that they don’t need to look good. They just need a good personality and be a good person. I have a friend that had plastic surgery on her nose because she thought that her nose looked ugly. Then she asked her mother to let her have plastic surgery. So, on the weekend she went to the clinic and she went through the operation on her nose safely. This story, encouraged her friend to do the same, but most of her friends can’t have plastic surgery. This kind of thought should be prevented and it can be started within teens themselves and their parents.