Never Give Up, If You Think You Still Have A Chance


In my life, I have many beliefs that keeps making me move forward that I’m moving like today. Those beliefs helped me a lot in different things in such many different ways. The point is that no mater how many beliefs there are, it would be only one belief that is the most important and be able to drive yourself through many situations the most. My personal belief is that I will never give up if there still a chance for me to win, to overcome, or to accomplish something.

The belief that I had developed overtime before it could be as strong as today. The starting point of my belief was when I was a kid. I’m just like a normal kid who likes to play and have fun. Of course, in our childhood, what do we mostly want most? Toys, that’s right. I liked toys really much when I was a kid, especially toy that have high technology because I’m a fan boy of science. The obstacle that I had was that I don’t have money to buy anything. I could only ask my mom for it, but every time she will say something like “If you want it, you need to save money for it” From the moment I heard that sentence, I began to know something and quickly started to do it.

I save lots of money everyday just to buy toys or something I want which finally result of success almost every time. I could say that this is my starting point of my belief not to give up if I have a chance to achieve in things. The bigger part of my belief’s development become more serious when I was in middle school.

The iPhone, something that almost everyone would want to have one. The first generation of iPhone came out when I was in middle school. I’m dying to have it when I saw the keynote of the demonstration, but that’s not important. The important thing is how I achieved it. I began to save money with the target of 19000 baht that time which was the highest target that I ever set in that time. The first few months I was tired of saving money and I also calculate the time if I could make it in time when the iPhone arrive in Thailand. The calculation said that I wouldn’t make it. On that right moment, I felt that I couldn’t give up because I still have the chance to be success. I saved more and more money with the power of will that I will get that iPhone.

After months and months of saving money, I finally saved enough money to buy the iPhone. I was so happy that I achieve it and to trust my own self that I couldn’t give up because I still have the chance. This phenomenon changes my mind and it gives me more power to believe in the belief of never give up.

I used this belief in many situations that I’m encountered with in my life and lots of time I succeeded. The belief drove me for many years and I think it will still keep driving me through many obstacles in my life no matter how difficult it is.