Slave/Slave Owner For Or Against Slavery


Slave Owner’s Point of View

For me as the slave owner, slave is so useful than you all could imagine of. They help us do the work that we all hated to do which they are like the ones that run our economy in the state. I also have slave in my house and they were so useful. I don’t need to do the chore myself, I just order my slave to do it, how convenient? Another thing is that, if we have lots of slave, our state would get more representative in the House of Representative that is good for us. I think all of these reasons make sense and I will tell you why now.

Slaves help us to do work that make money for us that is a good thing for us and the economy as well. We don’t need to get our hands dirty messing around with tobacco all day with the sun shining over our head. We just send the slave to do the work and that’s it. They do it without questioning and we don’t even need to pay them anything, just keep them alive is good enough. This is like a wheel that drive our country’s economy forward and who doesn’t like it? Slaves also help with the chore and I’m sure all of slave owners were appreciate to have slave do their housework that they don’t need to do it themselves. We are rich, so we need to rest our body, but not our mouth. Just order our slave to do anything, which is so convenient for us, slave owners. House of Representative due to the 3/5 compromises, only 3/5 of the slave population will count as population. Anyway, if we have more slaves, our state would get more representative in the congress and who wouldn’t like it?

Slave’s Point of View

Slave is what anyone didn’t want to be, but we are already being slave and we are tired so much of being like this. We slaves don’t get enough sleep, but our owner still making us work like animals and we are human, we could get tired or die. We work so hard, but still we don’t get paid of any work that we done for our owner. From what the owner uses us to do many things, we should get a day off or some rest or something. Sadly, we didn’t get any of this and I will tell you how harsh this could be.

We slave work like animals, we don’t get to rest, but full day working. The sun is hot and the work is so tough which we don’t like this at all. We work so hard, but our owner should know that we don’t get enough sleep from our all day working hard in the sun. This is terrible and it is like we were dehumanized from the status of human that we are. What I’m saying is that slave is not a great thing or occupation to be. There should not have slave in this world. If I can choose, I want to be free from all these chains and hard work with no payments, which I’m sure that all slaves would agree with the same thoughts.