What do I consider to be the single most important societal problem? Why so?

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In this period of time, many things in society can cause problems within people which becomes a problem on a large scale. Sex has become a huge problem in the society and mostly it’s affecting teenagers which can cause problems in a family. It is not only sex that is affecting the teenagers, drugs also has become a huge problem in this generation too. If drugs are involved, alcohol will also become a part of the societal problems which is not a good thing and the society is having too many problems with those things I said.

I’ll start with sex which causes so many problems in society and also within families too. Teenagers in this generation are having sex earlier in their lives and some of them don’t care about the risk they are taking. Many teenage girls are pregnant at an early stage of her lives, but the worse thing is some of them might have AIDS from her partner which costs a lot of money in medical care. As you know, AIDS cannot be cured, but you can spend a huge amount of money to keep yourself alive and live longer. If the teens don’t care about the effects of sex, their future will not as bright as others does.

Drugs have been causing problems in teens for a long period of time, but in this period of time, it is increasing greatly. Most teenagers use drugs for their personal pleasure or with their group of friends that they hang out with. As so you know, drugs can cause huge damage to the body and you might die from having drugs too. It’s sad that some teens are forced to take drugs because their friends encouraged him or her to take them, even though the person doesn’t want them. I think the society should have some strategy to deal with this drug problem immediately because more and more teenagers are taking drugs and the number is still increasing greatly.

As I said earlier, drugs are spreading to teens, but alcohol is also spreading to teens too. Alcohol is like a death drink in the society because when people drink it, they cannot control themselves and it might lead to their death or the death of innocent people. Even though, there is a law for buying alcohol, it still cannot solve the alcohol problems. Surprisingly, alcohol does not only affect adults, but it also spreads to teens and children at a young age too. This is not good because if the alcohol still can reach a large amount of population in any age, the society is going to have more problems that the society can handle or solve.

You might see now that those things that I said are a huge problem and only one person cannot solve all that, but it needs everyone to cooperate with each other to make the society become a better place. Sex can cause huge problems in a family and drugs can cause death to you and other people. Alcohol can cause people to do something that is bad or they shouldn’t do. These are things that we need to fix in our society, but there’s more problems in a society that need to be solved very quickly. It might take a long time to solve all of them, but some problems might not be solved. I think people in the society can help the society by supporting each other and cooperating to solve the problem.

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