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Have you ever wished you could follow a tweet?

Proposing a new “track” feature for Twitter.

Twitter redefined what it means to follow a person online. Once you’re following someone, there are a few different options for how to interact with what they’ve shared…you can reply, retweet, or favorite any individual tweet, but wouldn’t it be cool if Twitter took a page from Quora and enabled you to subscribe to a specific tweet — allowing you to track the replies that come in for a particular question:

The “who” behind the question can have a big impact on the number and quality of responses that a given question will receive. And being able to follow a tweet could also help increase attention around a given question (and the odds of getting an answer) if, similar to a retweet, people could promote a tweet being tracked to their own followers.

Here’s a quick mock of what how the track feature might work:

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