Don’t Outsource Your Thinking
Blake Ross

Soon we’ll all be magicians.

This morning I read a great post from Blake Ross on the lack of journalistic effort (or ability) that went into covering the Lamar Odom story. It seems that none of the major media outlets were capable of using the Internet Archive to find out more information on the makers of the herbal viagra that Odom had used.

In just 10 minutes, using 4 freely available websites, Ross found far more promising potential contact information than what the press was running with. I’m guessing some of the journalists were aware of these tools, but either overestimated the potential effort needed to find a more accurate answer or underestimated its potential value.

It is exactly their job to care about this type of stuff, and yet they felt they couldn’t be bothered to put in the necessary work.

“Sometimes, magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.” -Teller

What Blake demonstrated is the shockingly low barrier for something to seem magical these days…and this barrier is only going to further decline. As our jobs become more specialized and the tools we use to complete them become more powerful, an increasing number of tasks will seem to be the result of an unreasonably large amount of effort.

So the question is — what impresses you most? You might just find that it’s easier than ever to perform magic.