You are what you admire

a collection of products I’ve admired lately.


  • Instagram: the yet-to-be-dethroned leader in overall app design and user engagement. Love how the product has evolved over time, staying accessible while adding more complex features for seasoned users.
  • Shyp: Such a great look and UX that I wish I had to shyp stuff more often.
  • Secret (v1 — not a fan of v2) and Soundcloud: loaded with polished execution. So many delightful details. More here and here.
  • Mailbox: the right interactions enable increased productivity (or at least the feeling of productivity ;)
  • Yahoo! News Digest: makes news consumption so pleasant
  • Headspace: excellent user guidance throughout a 10-day program.
  • Talko: doing a good job of tackling some tough UI challenges.


  • Coffitivity: like Febreeze for office noise. Neutralizes conversations and allows you to focus.
  • Noto/Captio: a must for the homescreen — quickly capture notes and have them sent to your inbox (either work or personal) automatically.
  • Momentum: beautiful “new tab” replacement for Chrome that helps to add calm and focus throughout the day.
  • Hours: useful for tracking hours when doing contract work, but finding it delightful (from a time-tracking app??) and leading to insights when I use it to track my personal productivity.


  • Producthunt: subtle design cues lead to repeat visits.
  • Medium: the best text editing experience online, period.
  • Canopy, LittleList: these sites won’t take over the web with massive scale, but they’re well executed — with clean and clear sign up flows and thoughtful user engagement.

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