Life Gets (a Lot) Better When You Stop Giving a F*ck
Thomas Oppong

I couldn’t agree more. Giving a !@#$ all the time is the reason I started meditating, then ended up a meditation master. Too concerned with others feelings, wants, desires, schedules, avoiding conflict, well, you get the point. It has not made me a callous, non-compassionate or uncaring person, it has actually made me MORE of one — with boundaries. Necessary boundaries to recharge myself since teaching meditation comes with challenges of helping others to heal and find peace without it draining you of yours. My son and husband aren’t saying all the time that I “care too much”. The day my son said ‘Mom, you do you!” was the best advice I have had in a long time. People like me, people love me and people don’t and that is just fine with me. I have stopped worrying about “should”. I have stopped shoulding all over myself! Now my comfort zone is being OUT of my comfort zone without fear of who cares… Great article.