I honestly stop reading this letter when he said “ But then, you broke it all too quickly.”

I feel your getting the wrong idea. Niantic messed up here. First of all Niantic only had one release time to stay with IN 2016 meaning they had to rlease the game in 2016, their was no “set release date”, John Hank addmmited to one 10% of their ideas making it into the game. Not only did the game not include trading it also didnt have a good battle system to keep players distracted from catching pokemon. So the only thing running for this game was “catching them all”, So now the community has one thing mainly, to catch all the pokemon. Here we all are using a step system that works pretty well, and it pretty balenced. Now we have no tracking system, gone no way to find any pokemon, the only way now is to be EVEN MORE LUCKY than finding it on your nearby list on 1–2 steps. Now the only way is to buy incenses to increase said luck, which is already a low probadility. So in this time of need, pokevision was made, now i know many players hopeed pokevision was permanent but Yang and the majority thought of it as a way to save the game till they can get there crap together, now it was very OP, but its Niantics fault for releasing a game the obivouslly needed more deveolopment. They had 5 months till 2017, and they dare release the game with 10% of features (no trading), not all countries, and tons of bugs. I’m pretty sure the majority of people who bought poke coins, didnt pay for that, they payed for a game whee you can *CATCH* and *COMPLETE* the pokedex which at this point is barely possible without poke vision, (if they’d fix the 3 step glich it would) Heck there isnt even a good battle & training system to distract players from catching, if there was the 3 step glich wouldnt be as a big deal, but for now its all pokemon go has*go*ing for it. So basically what im trying to say is Niantic messed up big time and were to impaicent to finish the product before releasing. Yang did a good thing, he acutally saved the player base, if a games key feauture and pretty much only is taken away, and the game isnt dying super fast then there has to be somehting saving it. Pokevision did that, more than half the player base visited it. Becuase of this people are still finding enjoyment. Making a program like this is harder than it seems, Niantic should be giving him props for keeping the games community intact while they marketing a imcomplete game. I mean it might just be me, but to release the game at midnight and not even in all regions, with barebones features. I doubt funding was a problem, so they probadly were put in some deal to get more money if they released it soon with is pretty greedy. Well thats just my theory. I hope you can understand that even if Yang messed up, its Niantic who really messed up here. I mean he saved their community and hes telling him to stop poke vision, he released a incomplete game, and someone is helping players get fun out of the incompelte game even with a huge bug out. Hank needs to stop and think about his discions. I’ve been hearing similiar community ignorance for ingress too from niantic

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