Advanced shortcuts on Android Studio you may not know about.

Andrey Kazarovets
Oct 9 · 6 min read
No mouse at work! Only keyboard, only hardcode!

1. Go to a next highlighted error in the file — F2

2. Find class constructor calls — Ctrl + B (near parenthesis)

3. Use only first letters of class name words to find the class

4. ADB Idea — Ctrl + Shift + A

5. Assign a shortcut to any of your gradle task.

6. Toggle offline mode.

7. Press TAB instead of ENTER if you want to change the method name

8. Add your own shortcuts.

9. Share your favorite shortcut in the comments section.

Usefull links (all clickable):

Andrey Kazarovets

Written by

Android Developer from Minsk/Belarus

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