When Childbirth Feels like Assault
Family Resemblance

When I went to the hospital in labor with my 2nd child, my OB/Gyn was not there, and the admitting DR (whom I had never met before nor heard of) instructed the attending nurse to give me pitocin and to break my water.

I had delivered my 1st daughter with no meds and intended the same for my 2nd. I knew my labor would progress quickly and refused both of these interventions. The attending physician scolded me and I told him to call my OB. He did, and then bitterly told me that my OB agreed with me. He left the room and never came back (my OB showed up 1 hour later when I was ready to push).

My story ends well but I found that whole experience infuriating and it distracted me from the joy of giving birth. I knew that my outcome was probably due to me being well spoken and assertive, which many women would not be in that situation. I complained to the nurses but never thought to complain to the hospital. I should have.

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