By Made By Us teammate, Kaz Brecher

To power a better tomorrow, it’s never been more important to harness lessons from the past. …

“I wonder if one could tell the difference between flying and falling if there was nothing to crash into?” asked artist Richard Stine. It became one of my favorite questions when I discovered his work more than two decades ago.

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Context matters, as do expectations and our ideas about “normal” and what is or should be. I thought of this recently, while observing the behaviors and narratives circulating week-on-week as our social structures buckle and morph under the weight of uneven restrictions emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The virtual future is here!” some proclaim, in an effort to soothe themselves. “See, we were right — we never need offices again!” proclaim others, who have been digital nomads or evangelists for telework. And, there is indeed evidence of how temporary disruptions have paved the wave for industries and cities at large to adopt net-positive new policies, as the Olympics prompted London to do in 2012 with Tokyo preparing to follow in 2020. Some of the stodgiest companies needed the nudge of external factors to finally allow remote work, in service of easing congestion. …


Kaz Brecher

A Curious Catalyst. THNK Faculty. Story matters more than medium, but pick the right one & use the right words, images, & interfaces, the right people hear it.

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