Rain and Mental Satisfaction

Weather is blessing. Weather can make you feel the real scenario of any kinds of thinking things what you really want to feel. It always helps you to fresh your mind and soul. especially, rain always warn you that you are a new born baby. you can start anything new from this moment.

Wetty Road….(After Rain)

A bad weather can affects on your mind and soul. Someone hates #rainy season. It’s their own choice. I personally like rainy season. It can wash the dirty things of everything. It may fresh your thoughts. We should love it thus we can take the real essence of rain.

From the view of Mental satisfaction, It has really enormous affects. Rain can motivate one’s life. It’s really interesting to hear the sound of rain. Some of you don’t want to recognise it but it really motivates you from any kinds of mental disorder. It teaches people how to feel the real essence of love to evaluate their life. It connects nueron to neuron to wake up our internal writer.

The Sound of rain is really charming and captivating. We should keep practice to hear the sound of rain. Thus we can connect our feel through rain and also can recharge our mental condition. keep listening the music which is a gift from the Earthmaker.