Let’s Talk about User Interface (UI) & User Experience(UX) Design

Have you ever thought like me that- UI design & UX design are same! Are Only the masterminds of Graphics design are worked in UX & UI design? If it’s true then let’s learn a little bit about UX and UI design.

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What is UI & UX Design?

UI means User Interface & UX means User Experience.

Simply put, creating a graphical interface or layout for any website, software, mobile app etc. is known as UI design. It’s about the aesthetic. A UI designer would have taken part in designing for many kind of website, app, software & dashboard. They would have thinking about how things look as you are using them, How much space there is between things, How they are laid out, How much information is on each screen & Where to put things. so, It is easy for you to click on also it’s still sounds a little complicated.

UX or User Experience design is about designing the whole experience. UX Design is a process has many part’s in usually start’s with Research then Brainstorming, Implement & Reporting.

A UX designer has helped decided- what Features, what thing would be in that product and how they work and how you feel while you’re using them.

Still both UI & UX designers are designing what we’re using. When you use an interface then UX designers are basically determines what kind of environment you want, what you feel, how can you easily use it. And an UI designer create an interface that on tangible thing that you interact with to get something particular done.

What kind of skill needed for UI/UX design?

Why you’d learn UI/UX design?

UX Designers, UI Designers, Web Designers, Mobile Designers, App designers, Product Designers, Interaction Designers and other roles that require a better grasp of UX & UI design principles.

Job Sector:

~Agency and Software company

~Remote job

~Freelancing etc.

So, The main point is to decide where you would like to work and what you would make in income, and what field interests you.



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