X-Ray Imaging Services — What Are They? How Do They Work?

X-ray imaging provides doctors and surgeons with the critical information they require for their work. Skeptics have nothing to worry about. X-rays are an essential medical service. They shed light on the severity and extent of foot and ankle injuries, as well as draw attention to disease. Not only do x-rays contribute to patients’ well-being, but they also allow doctors to serve them as best they can. X-rays are extremely valuable as they often bolster any required medical treatments, ensuring their effectiveness.

At Kazmer Foot and Ankle Center, we can provide on-site x-ray imaging services for patients who need them. As our resident Chicago X-Ray Specialist, Dr. Kazmer is fully certified and has been a practicing podiatrist for decades. For Barrington and Elgin imaging services, Kazmer Foot and Ankle Center should be your first choice. You can rely on Dr. Kazmer for prompt treatment and fast relief of symptoms. Today, learn more about x-ray imaging services. What are they? How do they work? What can they do for you?

What is an X-Ray?

The first thing you need to know about x-rays is that they are a safe and invaluable medical resource for doctors. This is especially true for us as podiatrists, as x-ray imaging allows usto examine internal injuries to feet and ankles. Without x-rays, medical professions of all kinds would be far more difficult, and far less efficient. X-rays are, in layman’s terms, a type of energy, such as light waves or radio waves. However, x-rays, unlike light waves, can penetrate the soft tissues of the body. This may sound dangerous but rest assured, it is completely safe. We use x-rays to create images of bones and joints which we can then inspect on a monitor or film. These images allow us to accurately diagnose fractures, breaks, and other internal injuries that can’t be judged solely by physical examination.

How Do You Perform an X-Ray?

X-rays are an invaluable tool for us as podiatrists for assessing the condition of your bones and joints. Our Chicago x-ray specialist and expert podiatrist Dr. Kazmer can perform imaging services to support your treatment. For Barrington and Elgin Imaging Services, Kazmer Foot and Ankle Center is the place. We use innovative technology in our work, which makes for highly detailed images that often prove vital to accurate diagnosis. We may require you to stand, sit, or lie down for your x-ray procedure, depending on the treated area.

X-Rays: Safety First

When conducting x-rays to diagnose or assess your condition or injury, we will take you to a specialist x-ray room. What about radiation? The technician performing the imaging procedure will remain in a different room behind a transparent safety screen. But what about you the patient? Don’t worry, as we will provide you with a lead apron to wear, which will protect the rest of your body. We usually target affected areas from multiple positions to find the best view of the problem. For conditions like fractures, or full breakages where the bone has splintered, we may require multiple x-ray procedures to assess your condition. We can then make an informed judgment about the level of treatment you require, be it surgery, custom orthotics, or physical therapy.

If you want outstanding medical treatment from a respected and fully certified podiatrist at the top of his field, visit Kazmer Foot and Ankle Center. We provide surgical treatments and x-ray imaging for Elgin and Barrington in Chicago. Get in touch to see how we can help you.